When all of your lawn is in direct sun, adding a tree for shade is one of the best ways to relieve the heat, create a more enjoyable space for yourself, and provide a bit of protection for garden plants. But trees that will grow large enough to provide shade take a lot of time growing—usually. We’ve collected a list of trees that will get you shade a little bit faster than average. Nature has a few shortcuts up her sleeves when it comes to these trees.

Victorian Box tree

1. Victorian Box

Growth: 24-36 inches per year

Pittosporumundulatum is the scientific name of this delightful tree. It creates a lovely canopy, which you can enhance by trimming the tops round. It will also bloom fragrant flowers and create small orange fruits, which are not edible but are pretty. At a maximum height of 50 feet tall, it can provide a ton of shade. It is also one of the faster-growing trees available and in good conditions may grow three feet per year.

Fairmont Maidenhair Tree

2. Fairmont Maidenhair Tree

Growth: 24-36 inches per year

This is the Fairmont version of the Maidenhair tree, distinguished by its nameGingkgobiloba ‘Fairmont’. While perhaps a little less pretty than its vibrant golden cousin, this simple green tree does know how to put on the leaves. It grows much faster than other Maidenhair trees and reaches a large maximum height of 75 feet, enough to provide a ton of shade.

Armstrong Red Maple

3. Armstrong Red Maple

Growth: 36 inches per year

There are many different cultivars of the red maple, and most grow just as fast as the wild tree, at three feet per year. One of the best options for the Bay Area is Acer rubrum ‘Armstrong’ because of its moderate ability to withstand more coastal conditions. Unlike many maples, it can deal with some salt spray and some salt in the soil if it has to.

Reed Avocado

4. Reed Avocado

Growth: 36 inches per year

If you’re okay with irrigating your trees regularly, the Reed avocado makes a fantastic shade tree. It has dense, waxy leaves and grows to a maximum height of 40 feet. When provided with the water it needs it will grow quickly. It is a type “A” avocado, which means it will flower at the same time as other type “A” varieties but not pollinate any type “B” avocados you may be growing. Look for this tree under the name Perseaamericana ‘Reed’.

Jacaranda tree

5. Jacaranda

Growth: 36 inches per year

This tree has intense purple flowers in late spring or early summer. With a maximum height of 50 feet and an impressive three feet per year of growth, you won’t be waiting long until the Jacaranda provides a showy display that can easily be the centerpiece of your garden. Only the specific variety Jacaranda mimosifolia is purple.

Consider Mature Tree Transplanting

Don’t forget that in order to get your shade faster, you can sometimes transplant more mature trees. They will cost more and need more care in the first few weeks after their transplant butthey can then provide you shade very quickly.