Your backyard can be a vast world of fun and imagination for your kids!

But safety should always come first with kids, and you want to be sure that your backyard is a safe environment for them to play in. We’ve put together this list of helpful tips and ideas to make your backyard as safe as possible for your young ones to enjoy. As well, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they’ll be happy and healthy playing back there.

Properly Built Fencing

Making sure the fence around your backyard is secure is important. It establishes a safe boundary for your kids, and it prevents neighbors, animals, and would-be intruders from coming onto your property. If parts of your fence are damaged, you’ll want to make sure to mend them. Kids are curious, and you never know when Jr. is going to wonder if he can fit through the hole.

Turf & Yard Maintenance

Keeping your yard maintained and manicured will help keep your kids safe in your backyard. You’ll be aware of every plant you have back there and know of any potential hazards.

You can keep track of and groom any plants that grow into pathways, as well as warn your kids which plants to stay away from. A regularly mowed lawn will help prevent trips in long grass, as well as provide a cushy spot for kids to fall safely during games.

Check Your Plants

Poisonous plants and fungi are a common backyard nuisance, and it’s good to educate your kids on which ones grow in your local area. Some plants cause skin rashes and infections, while others are dangerous to breathe in.

Plants that bear fruit or berries can look appetizing to kids, but you should be aware of what it is before letting them pop one in their mouth. Check with your local CDC for which plants are toxic in your area.

Put Away All Tools & Chemicals

Having a shed or garage to safely put away your gardening tools, power tools, and garden chemicals when you’re not using them is always the best way to go when kids are involved.

Kids want to imitate their parents, and that weed whacker and lawn mower sure do look fun to play with! But we know better, and limiting access to those kinds of items is the best safety precaution. Locking the tools and poisonous chemicals up when you’re done with them.

Pool Fencing & Cover

Pools are a great way for families to bond and exercise, but they can also be very dangerous. Always have an adult present and supervising when kids are playing in the pool. And when everyone’s done, put a cover over your pool to prevent anyone falling in. Having a pool fence installed is also a great precaution, as it places a barrier between your playing children and the pool.

Set Boundaries & Expectations

Your kids are smart. Talking with them and setting boundaries and expectations of them during outside playtime is important in their growth. Educating your children on what plants and behaviors are dangerous will help them grow and learn.

Encourage them to ask questions and come to you with concerns. Encourage safe play and smart thinking at the same time. Try to supervise them when they play outdoors when you can. Learn how to perform CPR in case of emergencies—you never know when it may come in handy. And always encourage proper hygiene by having everyone wash hands after finishing playing outdoors.