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Artificial lawn, artificial turf, fake grass–no matter what you call it, it’s never been bigger.

Artificial lawn has come a long way since the days of cheap AstroTurf, making it a great choice for homeowners. It’s a great way to avoid California’s ongoing drought issues, cut down on your environmental impact, and dramatically reduce your yard maintenance.

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Does Artificial Grass Work for Dogs?

If you have a dog, you want to make sure that you have everything that they need and that they will be happy. Since our dogs spend a lot of time outside, maybe you’ve thought about changing from natural grass to artificial grass. But before you do, you want to know about if it’s good [...]

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How to Stop a Dog from Digging on Artificial Turf

A determined dog can easily damage artificial turf. If your pup has made a bad habit of digging, don’t despair. You can stop your dog from digging before he or she cause more damage or force you to replace the artificial. Fulfill Your Dog’s Instincts Many dogs dig out of boredom or out of instinct. [...]

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Can You Power Wash Artificial Grass?

Power washing is an awfully convenient way to clean many of your landscape features. But not everything is strong enough to handle even gentle pressure washing. Can you power wash artificial grass? If you’re careful, yes, you can power wash artificial grass. In fact, proper power washing can clean and fluff your grass at the [...]

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The Environmental Impact of Synthetic Turf

When the weather gets nice, you look forward to going outside and enjoying the warm weather. Your kids play in the yard and run in the grass. Spring and summertime are a wonderful time of the year. Except for one thing… the nice weather means that you have to start taking care of your lawn [...]

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