Can You Power Wash Artificial Grass?

Power washing is an awfully convenient way to clean many of your landscape features. But not everything is strong enough to handle even gentle pressure washing. Can you power wash artificial grass? If you’re careful, yes, you can power wash artificial grass. In fact, proper power washing can clean and fluff your grass at the [...]

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How to Save a Dying Avocado Tree

Though you may love its thick foliage and delicious fruit, avocado trees aren’t always the pride of your yard. Avocado trees often fall ill because they are picky about minerals, salinity, and fertilizer. Most varieties are also susceptible to three types of root rot, one of which is quickly fatal. If you have noticed that [...]

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6 Ways To Make Your Backyard Safer For Kids

Your backyard can be a vast world of fun and imagination for your kids! But safety should always come first with kids, and you want to be sure that your backyard is a safe environment for them to play in. We’ve put together this list of helpful tips and ideas to make your backyard as [...]

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The Environmental Impact of Synthetic Turf

When the weather gets nice, you look forward to going outside and enjoying the warm weather. Your kids play in the yard and run in the grass. Spring and summertime are a wonderful time of the year. Except for one thing… the nice weather means that you have to start taking care of your lawn [...]

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How to Save a Dying Aspen Tree

You’re here because you are looking for a way to revive your beloved aspen tree that is on the verge of going towards the light. Have no fear. Help is here! Is there a way to save it? And also, how do you save a dying aspen tree? Can I do something about it? First [...]

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