8 Water Saving Landscaping Ideas

Water saving isn’t just a wise idea for the planet. It’s also a wise idea for your budget and peace of mind. If you don’t have to spend time and money pouring water into your landscaping, you have more time to enjoy it and more money to invest in it (or anywhere else). Many people [...]

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How to Choose a Landscaper: Everything You Need to Know

Choosing a landscaper should be a fun and exciting time as you dream of a new yard that finally makes you proud to have people over. Can you imagine the entertaining possibilities when you have a yard that’s fun and exciting and not a major embarrassment? Hiring a landscape designer can also be stressful as [...]

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5 Smart Home Devices You Need for Your Yard

Here at Exotic Gardens Landscaping, yard work and landscaping are our passion. We love feeling the warm sun on our faces as we make something beautiful out of plants, dirt, and hardscaping. We understand that not everyone feels this way though. You may want nothing more than to kick back and enjoy your yard without [...]

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