Paver Driveway Installation

Installing stylish & functional paver driveways in San Martin & the greater Bay Area

a finished driveway installation in San Martin

While you might find the occasional gravel driveway, having a more stable driveway is essentially a necessity. A concrete, paver, natural stone or asphalt driveway is better for the long-term durability of your vehicles and makes your home’s exterior much more appealing. You might choose a simple paver driveway for practicality and convenience. Or, you might choose an elaborate driveway made of flagstone to really boost your home’s curb appeal and add to its value. Whatever kind of driveway you need, the experts at Exotic Gardens can help.

The Best Paver Driveway Materials

a finished driveway installation in San Martin
our experts working on a paver driveway

As a material, pavers make exceptional driveways. Each paver can handle a great deal of weight, keeping your driveway safer for larger vehicles. If a crack or chip does develop, it is simple to remove a single paver and place in a new one, while these kinds of repairs would be more involved for other kinds of driveways. Plus, pavers can offer a lovely look with intricate patterns made from vibrant stone.

We’re interlocking stone experts and can give you the high-end paver driveway that you’re looking for, whether you want a unique pattern with bold coping or stone finished with a sealant that makes it look wet all the time, bringing out subtle colors.

We build all projects on a foundation of gravel. This is a base material that creates stable foundations. It will keep your patio level for many years without eroding. Then we place polymeric sand in the paver joints. This sand seals powerfully and will resist erosion for many years, keeping weeds at bay and keeping your paver driveway looking crisp.

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Creative Driveway Options

Massive paver driveway with fountain installed in San Jose

You have a world of colors, textures and patterns available to you when you choose a paver driveway. But, they are not your only options. At Exotic Gardens, we have expertise in all driveway types, so we can help you get the statement driveway you’re looking for. Here are some of the more creative custom driveway options:

  • Stamped concrete: Add interest to plain concrete with patterns created with stamps. We can recreate the look of tile, wood, and many other patterns.
  • Flagstones: We can show you the high-end flagstone that you’re looking for to captivate guests and create a natural feeling on your property. We offer bluestone, sandstone, quartzite and more.
  • Herringbone brick: Why not add some flair to your brick by laying it out in a herringbone pattern, creating a sweeping look. Or consider other interesting patterns like running bond and jack-on-jack.
  • Permeable pavers: Perhaps not a creative option, but a highly practical option that you should be aware of. Permeable pavers allow water to pass through and be absorbed by the soil below. This can help you handle drainage issues on your property.

Have you found a unique driveway online? We can help you recreate any kind of driveway that you get inspired by.

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