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Outdoor Kitchens in Morgan Hill

One of the most important spaces in your home is your kitchen. Yet, when you’re entertaining,it never seems large enough. An outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to double your cooking space and make entertaining so much more enjoyable, for you and your guests.

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Fun and Functional

Cooking in your outdoor kitchen keeps you in the enter of the action, instead of cooking by yourself in the kitchen. While some people love to be the grill master and cook up anything from burgers to gourmet kabobs for their guests, you’re not limited to just a grill. Your outdoor kitchen can be decked out with the appliances of your choice. That includes pizza ovens, fire pits, smokers, rotisseries, and more.

Your outdoor kitchen can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Some opt for entire kitchen islands, equipped with appliances like fridges, dishwashers and ovens. That means plenty of counterspace too, of course.

Others prefer a simple grill, perched on a deck and covered by an outdoor kitchen pergola to add some shade. They might use their outdoor table as their counterspace, and put their budget into their deck, patio, or their yard’s green features.

Outdoor Kitchen Design & Installation

What kind of outdoor kitchen are you imagining? Modern outdoor kitchens bring the comfort and sophistication of your home into your backyard. Rustic outdoor kitchens seek to lean into the outdoorsy feel instead. You might enter a rustic outdoor kitchen on one of our custom firepits. While a modern outdoor kitchen is more likely to feature clean-cut stone and an elegant grill.

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Whichever kind of outdoor kitchen you’re imagining, there are a few options you might consider to complete the look:

  • Decks and patios: You need a deck or patio beneath your outdoor kitchen. We use only the finest materials, from Ipe and Redwood boards to textured flagstone, rock, and interlocking stone. Our decks can achieve any style you’re aiming for.
  • Patio covers: If you will be cooking outside, you’ll need a little shade. A series of pergolas can cover the deck, or you can choose fabric and umbrella options to shade only sections.
  • Islands: What’s an outdoor kitchen without some counter-space? Plus, if you plan on adding appliances, you’ll need an island to house them.
  • Cooking: As we mentioned above, there are tons of cooking appliances you can put into your outdoor kitchen, and you don’t have to choose just one. Grills and pizza ovens are the most popular. We can build them into your island, or they can be stand-alone features.
  • Walkways: Complex outdoor kitchens that have multiple spaces can use walkways. Or you can use a walkway to connect the kitchen to the pool or the house.
  • Lighting: Outdoor gatherings often last into the evening. Lighting is a smart safety feature and can make your space more beautiful.
  • Seating: Eating outside is half the fun! There are so many seating options available for outdoor kitchens that it’s a little overwhelming. We can match your outdoor kitchen to your existing furniture, or pick out the perfect set to match your other kitchen features.

Not sure what kind of outdoor kitchen you can achieve with your budget or style? Reach out to us as Exotic Gardens, our designers would love to help you make your outdoor kitchen functional and fun.

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