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Outdoor arbors are a nice way to get some shelter from the elements while still being able to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want an arbor to cover your seating and dining area, or one to give shelter to your shade loving plants, Exotic Gardens can help. We’ll help you decide the right size for your arbor, the ideal placement, as well as what material it should be made out of.

Our Pergola and Arbor Services

  • Arbor design and installation

  • Pergola design and installation

  • Trellis Design & Installation

Pergolas, Trellises, and Arbors: What’s the Difference?


Pergolas are typically larger structures that include a roof-like cover supported by two to four posts. In San Jose, you’ll typically find pergolas attached to homes and used as deck covers. However, pergolas can also be built as detached structures, which lets them function more like gazebos or cabanas.

While the top of a pergolas is usually latticework, we can also build them with solid roofs or incorporate cloth into the design to provide better coverage.


Arbors are often smaller, and often arched, tunnels that appear along walking paths. Arbors typically have arched tops to encourage the growth of creepers.


Trellises are vertical latticework structures that are meant to support the growth of creepers. Trellises can be free standing or attached to your home.

Custom Applications

If the line between pergolas, arbors, trellises and overhangs isn’t that clear, you’re in good company. That’s why we’re happy to design and install overhangs that blend the line between two or three different kinds of applications, such as pergola bench swings.

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