Walking around nurseries and landscape supply companies can be exciting and help you get inspired to make your garden or your landscape even better this year. But, we bet you don’t have the time to drive around to each nursery in Silicon Valley to find the one that works best with your style or offers the widest selection of what you need. So, we’ve compiled a list of the six best nurseries in Silicon Valley so you can just go to the ones that are best for you.

our city forest nursery and training center


1. Best for Trees and Shrubs: Our City Forest Community Nursery

Location: 1000 Spring St San Jose


The community nursery in San Jose has the widest selection of trees, shrubs and grasses in the area, and has knowledgeable staff that can give you the information you need to be successful with anything you want to grow. You can find native and non-native species, and you can buy any of it with a tax-deductible donation. Also, try their workshops!

Evergreen Supply


2. Best for Stone: Evergreen Building Landscape Supply

Location: 2984 Monterey Rd, San Jose


A professional landscaper’s paradise, Evergreen is a smart option for homeowners who are interested in hardscaping too. They offer a huge selection of high-quality stone types, from porcelain pavers by Belgard to stair tread stones by Stone Universe Inc. If you’re buying for a large property or the community, you might also like their bulk products.

3. Best for Native Plants: Linda Vista Native Plants

Location: In Saratoga, California, but sell online or by appointment only


There are so many reasons to choose native California plants for your landscaping, and Linda Vista proves that you don’t have to sacrifice in beauty to do it. They have a very wide selection of the plants you might see on a hike anywhere in California’s varied biomes.

4. Best for Houseplants: Leafy

Location: 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara


If you feel like adding plants indoors, then Leafy is absolutely the place to visit. They have a huge selection of the classic indoor plants, like Bird of Paradise and Peace Lily. Plus, they have an interesting selection of rare plants that rotate frequently, so you can find something new.

5. Best for Peonies: CharMarron Peony Nursery

Location: 5335 Sierra Rd but usually by appointment only (call them for directions as they note Google Maps isn’t quite correct in their case)


One of the best parts of living in Silicon Valley is that there are enough people here to justify niche shops. The CharMarron Peony Nursery is one such place. They may bloom for only a short few weeks, but they are central in many gardens anyway. This nursery has over 200 varieties for you to choose from.

6. Best for Specialty Options: Yamagami’s Garden Center

Location: 1361 De Anza Bld, Cupertino


When you buy a rare plant, you want to make sure it has been well cared for and will transition well to your garden. At Yamagami’s, you can be sure of that. We’re especially fond of their fruit trees, herbs and bonsai starters,