When the weather gets nice, you look forward to going outside and enjoying the warm weather. Your kids play in the yard and run in the grass. Spring and summertime are a wonderful time of the year. Except for one thing… the nice weather means that you have to start taking care of your lawn again.

Just picture it: coming home from work to mow your lawn, or using the time on the weekend to do it. How long does it take you to do it? Half an hour? An hour? Two hours? Depending on how large your property is, it can take a while. Then you have to fill up your mower or tractor with gas, make sure it’s watered, and so on.

But there’s a better way – a way to have a gorgeous looking lawn without all the fuss. It’s called artificial turf.

Artificial turf has been around a while. When it first was introduced, a lot of people asked what its impact would be on the environment. The first artificial turf was made from different kinds of plastic. Even though it remained green throughout the year and looked nice, there were issues about sanitation and hygiene.

Today’s artificial turf is made from polyethylene and nylon, made of different combinations of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon molecules. This creates a carpet that won’t fade, looks natural and won’t deteriorate over the years.

But beyond the aesthetic benefits, there are various environmental benefits that artificial turf offers.

No Chemical Treatments

When weed killers, pesticides and fertilizers are put on a lawn, most of it goes into the ground. This gets into the water supply and can pollute it. Artificial turf doesn’t need any of that.

No Need to Waste Precious Water

When you install artificial turf, it means that you don’t have to water it regularly. You don’t need to have a sprinkler system or a garden hose throughout your yard. It also eliminates having to use all that water keeping your lawn looking its best.

Did you know that it requires more than 650 gallons for hydrating a lawn of 1,000 sq feet, each time you water your lawn? Take that out of the equation and the savings really add up.

Environmental Cooling

Artificial turf doesn’t just have to be where a regular lawn is, either. Did you know that when you’re covering your balcony, roof, deck, or patio with artificial turf, you’re reducing the reflective area? This can help keep your neighborhood cool.

Reduction in Noise Pollution

Let’s face it – lawn mowers can be very noisy, especially in the morning. When you have artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about mowing it. That means you are causing less noise pollution and your neighbors are going to be much happier too.

Less Maintenance, Yard Waste & Fuel Emissions

When you have a lawn to maintain, it is rather costly. You have to spend time mowing, watering, fertilizing and trimming so that it stays lush and looking its best. When you mow, you are using oil and fuel, and you release harmful emissions both into the air and into the soil.

When you start comparing manufactured grass and natural grass, you’re going to see an enormous difference in care and cost. You’ll spend less time on upkeeping artificial grass and you’ll waste less money. You don’t have to:

  • Mow
  • Trim
  • Dispose of the lawn waste
  • Use fertilizers or pesticides
  • Water it on a daily basis
  • Control damage
  • Reseed it

Although artificial turf will cost more to install, the lifetime ownership cost will be lower, thanks to all of the savings from avoiding lawn maintenance, irrigation, and other upkeep.

Artificial Turf is a Great Investment

Why not enjoy the warmer weather this year rather than dreading it because you have to mow your lawn? Rather than spending your free time on the weekend or after work mowing your lawn when you could be relaxing, or worrying about some crazy person hitting you when you’re on your tractor because they took the curve too fast, switch to an artificial lawn.

You will discover that it isn’t just good for you. It’s good for the environment and it gives you a lot more free time on your hands. Not only that, but it looks good year-round without any upkeep, fertilizing, or anything else.

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