Pavers are a great way that you can add to the beauty and functionality of your yard. They can create a path, a patio or simply help with your yard’s décor. Looking at them, you might think that they are an easy DIY job. However, looks can be deceiving.

One of the biggest problems that happens with pavers is that they often will sink into the ground. Below are some of the reasons why this happens.

Being Exposed to A lot of Water

If you have a pool of water close to the pavers, eventually you are going to notice problems with your pavers sinking. That water is going to seep under your pavers, which will make the ground underneath them soft and loose. Each time something heavy goes over the area, those pavers are going to sink. If this keeps happening without repairs being done, the sinking is going to spread out even more.

One of the best things that you can do is to drain the close by water. Later you can fix your sinking ground once the problem’s been neutralized.

Ground is Unstable

It’s possible that the ground that’s underneath your pavers to turn shaky. It might be because you didn’t compact the fitting material very well and they’re giving away now. It also might be that there’s a lot of water. In either case, you will have ground that’s shaky and this will cause your pavers to sink.

Installation by an Amateur

It’s not hard to install pavers. If you have experience with doing handyman work, this is something that can be done on your own. But you shouldn’t try doing it if you aren’t sure of yourself. One of the best options that you should choose is to get a professional contractor.

There are four benefits that you can find from hiring a professional paver.

  • They have the experience – They are going to have the experience that you don’t have. This means that they know what to look for and what to do to create a professional job.
  • They have the equipment – A professional contractor has the equipment that you won’t have to create the look you want.
  • They have the knowledge – You don’t know about material and other things that will affect pavers, but your contractor will. This can make a huge difference in the way that the patio or path turns out.
  • They are insured & bonded – If something goes wrong when they are doing the work, they are insured to protect you and them.

If you are planning to beautify your yard with pavers, the best thing that you can do is to hire a professional to do the work for you. They have the experience, equipment, knowledge and insurance.

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