Why is My Cedar Tree Dying?

You may have heard of a rash of cedar trees dying from Northern California into British Columbia. Trees in the wild don’t have the benefit of careful irrigation from humans and as our climate shifts to be drier in these areas, not all cedar trees can keep up. But the question remains: is that what [...]

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6 Low Maintenance Native Plants in Northern California

While southern California is in hardiness zone 9A and warmer, northern California starts at 9A and gets as cold as 6A further west. In such wide-ranging conditions, you might struggle to bring up some of the most common native plants which southern gardeners love. Which native plants will be low maintenance in your climate? Here [...]

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The 5 Best Lawn Replacement Options for Northern California

Northern Californians are increasingly replacing their lawn with something a little more environmentally friendly. Some parts of northern California may have a more grass-friendly climate than southern California, but that doesn’t mean grass is exactly a great choice for any lawn. Grass doesn’t tolerate water stress and even mild drought well, it takes a great [...]

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The 6 Best Nurseries in Silicon Valley

Walking around nurseries and landscape supply companies can be exciting and help you get inspired to make your garden or your landscape even better this year. But, we bet you don’t have the time to drive around to each nursery in Silicon Valley to find the one that works best with your style or offers [...]

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Why is My Fig Tree Dying?

Figs are notoriously hard trees to keep healthy. There is nothing like tasting a sweet fig that you grew yourself, but maybe most of that joy stems from how hard-won fruit can be from these trees. If you own a fig tree and want to keep it healthy, it is important to know exactly what [...]

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5 Fast Growing Shade Trees for the Bay Area

When all of your lawn is in direct sun, adding a tree for shade is one of the best ways to relieve the heat, create a more enjoyable space for yourself, and provide a bit of protection for garden plants. But trees that will grow large enough to provide shade take a lot of time [...]

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